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hold back /həʊld bak/
hesitate to act or speak: he held back, remembering the mistake he had made before.

hold someone/something back
prevent or restrict the advance, progress, or development of someone or something: Jane struggled to hold back her laughter.
hold something back
refuse or be unwilling to make something known: you're not holding anything back from me, are you?

there is no holding someone back
used to convey that someone is particularly determined or cannot be prevented from doing something:
there's no holding you back these days.

hold back /həʊld bak/
1 if you feel like singing, don't hold back: HESITATE, pause, stop oneself, restrain oneself, desist, forbear.
Jane held back her tears: SUPPRESS, fight back, choke back, stifle, smother, subdue, rein in, repress, curb, control, keep a tight rein on; informal keep a lid on.
don't hold anything back from me: WITHHOLD, hide, conceal, keep secret, keep hidden, keep quiet about, keep to oneself, hush up; informal sit on, keep under one's hat.
you'll never make it in music if you keep letting your parents hold you back: HINDER, hamper, impede, obstruct, inhibit, hobble, check, curb, block, thwart, balk, hamstring, restrain, frustrate, stand in so

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verb [with object and adverbial]
lift or carry (something heavy):
Donald hefted another pair of sandbags from the stack.
• lift or hold (something) in order to test its weight:
Eileen hefted the gun in her hand.

noun North American
the weight of someone or something.
• ability or influence:
his colleagues wonder if he has the intellectual heft for his new job.

heft /heft/
Doug helped us heft the kegs up into the truck: LIFT, lift up, raise, raise up, heave, hoist, haul; carry, lug, tote; informal cart, hump, schlep.
the heft of the urn surprised us: WEIGHT, heaviness, bulk.

late Middle English (as a noun): probably from
heave, on the pattern of words such as cleft and weft.