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teem /tiːm/
verb [no object]
teem with
be full of or swarming with: every garden is teeming with wildlife.


teem with
the pool was teeming with fish: BE FULL OF, be filled with, be alive with, be brimming with, be overflowing with, abound in, be swarming with, be bursting at the seams with; be packed with, be crowded with, be thronged with, be crawling with, be overrun by, bristle with, seethe with, be thick with, be crammed with, be cram-full of, be choked with, be congested with; informal be jam-packed with, be chockablock with, be chock-full with, be lousy with; British informal be heaving with; rare pullulate with.

Old English tēman, tīeman, of Germanic origin; related to team. The original senses included ‘give birth to’, also ‘be or become pregnant’, giving rise to ‘be full of’ in the late 16th century.

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a monogrammed glasses case: CONTAINER, box, canister, cassette, cartridge, receptacle, holder, vessel, repository; dated etui.
a seed case: CASING, covering, sheath, sheathing, wrapper, wrapping, cover, envelope, sleeve, housing, jacket, capsule, folder; technical integument.
3 British
she hastily threw some clothes into a case: SUITCASE, bag, traveling bag, travel bag, valise, grip, portmanteau; piece of luggage, item of baggage; briefcase, attaché case, Gladstone bag; trunk, chest; (cases) luggage, baggage; British holdall.
a case of wine: CRATE, box, pack, bin, coffer, casket, chest, basket, hamper.
his art collection sparkled in a glass display case: CABINET, cupboard, chiffonier, bureau, sideboard.

case case2 vino

late Middle English: from Old French
casse, chasse (modern caisse ‘trunk, chest’, châsse ‘reliquary, frame’), from Latin capsa, related to capere ‘to hold’.