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Change one's place of residence or work:
The English academy moved just two blocks away.
She's moved to New York City: RELOCATE, move away, change one's address, leave, go away, go down the road, decamp, pull up stakes.

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get along (with)
/ɡet əˈlɒŋ/
1 have a harmonious or friendly relationship: they seem to get along pretty well.
2 manage to live or survive: don't worry, we'll get along without you.

get along (with) /ɡet əˈlɒŋ/
1 can't you try to get along with his family? BE FRIENDLY, be compatible, get on; agree, see eye to eye, concur, be in accord; informal hit it off, be on the same wavelength.
she was getting along well at school: FARE, manage, progress, advance, get on, get by, do, cope; succeed.